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Serge Rakarskiy 
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Serge Rakarsky


 eBook, 2024, PDF, 46 pages, English language, Free, Read - Free distribution

No one will deny the existence of legends about motor-generator converters of the 19th and 20th centuries with the overunity effect (Nikola Tesla’s motor-dynamo, a converter from Germany in 1945, known as the Lockridge device, Robert Alexander’s engine and many other facts of publications about miraculous devices, about which remained legends). While researching similar power generation devices, I have always wondered how it was possible in the late 19th and 20th centuries to create devices that work in violation of the law of conservation of energy. Modern official science categorically rejects the possibility of an engine-generator rotating without an external force or an additional source of energy. I encountered many contradictions between physics and engineering when designing synchronous generators and explaining how they work. Today, no physicist can say exactly what electricity and magnetism are. All they tell us are concepts taken as a basis. You are not told about the contradiction. I decided to logically investigate what electric current is in a circuit and how this phenomenon causes work. At the same time, the electronic version was rejected as unusable. Are you surprised? I myself was surprised, but it was the clear arrangement of the phenomena that led to the solution of a number of design problems. This book contains the theory of such concepts as current generator and voltage generator. What are these things for? But if you want to design perfect electromagnetic machines, how will you do it without understanding the principle of operation of such a machine. How to calculate the generator? How to calculate the engine? I do this with a simple example of a simple DC machine. You can try to calculate more powerful machines yourself. I consider the description of a simple engine and a generator of galvanic current in autonomous power mode with the possibility of connecting external loads to be one of my main achievements. All calculations and justifications are made according to the classical rules of electrodynamics and electromagnetism.

Undoubtedly, this position of the simplest direct current motor and self-rotating generator should be considered first. It is no secret for you that after the invention of the electromagnetic generator in 1832, electric motors and direct current generators (dynamos) were developed in the same year. It was a period of great industrial breakthrough.

In the same period, a legend appeared about Nikola Tesla's motor-dynamo (the design of which the maestro presented at a congress of electricians at the end of the 19th century). Later, in the second half of the 20th century, the inventor Robert Alexander demonstrates a self-propelled electric car, the heart of which is a self-rotating dynamo engine. Previously, a device was exported from Germany by the military, which self-rotating powered lighting for a room or several rooms, known as the Lockridge device. Even if there is a description of Tesla's design and a patent for Alessandro's invention, such devices have no repetitions and belong to the category of pseudoscientific information.

If you are interested in what is wrong with modern electrodynamics, want to know how it can be approached forever and how all these wonderful devices worked, I can wish you to enjoy reading the material. Be prepared that you will have to work with your brain and delve into calculations.

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