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Serge Rakarskiy 
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Dan A. Davidson from his book "A Breakthrough to New Free Energy Sources".
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                                Chapter 3
              "In questions of Science the Authority of
               a Thousand is not worth the humble reasoning
               of a single individual."
       The "Scientific  American"  in  their  January   28,  1899,  and
  February 4, 1899,  issues  spent  four  pages debunking Keely and his
  experiments.  However, they would have spent even more time and pages
  debunking our current semiconductors  and other now-common scientific
  inventions if someone had been able to come up with  any  of  them at
  that time--science and  technology  were  not advanced enough then to
  understand the sophisticated functioning  of  such  items.   Now,  in
  light of our advances and our greater understanding and hopefully our
  more broadened outlook in the field of science, I think  it  behooves
  us to look  again at John Keely, the man and his experiments, and see
  if perhaps he was just ahead of his  time  and  that now there may be
  premises we can  utilize or lines of research we can  pursue  to  our
  great advantage.
       The entire thesis of the "Scientific American" articles was that
  Keely's scientific career  had  been  nothing  but a series of frauds
  perpetrated on gullible, unthinking  people  who  were  incapable  of
  understand ng enough science  to  disprove his wild  claims.  (1,2,3)
  This in spite  of  the fact that many noted men of science, including
  such as Joseph M. Leidy, M.D., of  Pennsylvania  University, James M.
  Wilcox, M.D., author and noted physician, and many others, thoroughly
  examined Keely's inventions,  his  laboratory,  and   the  scientific
  demonstrations performed by  Keely  and  could  find  no fraud of any
  kind.  In fact they were completely  convinced  as to the validity of
  Keely's achievements and his competence in the scientific method. (4)
       The basis for the cries of fraud centered around  the finding of
  a large hollow iron sphere "hidden" under the floor boards of Keely's
       After Keely's   untimely   death   several   investigators  from
  "Scientific American" went  to Keely's  old  laboratory  looking  for
  evidence to support  their fraud thesis. (2)  They thought  they  had
  found what they  were  looking  for  when  they  lifted  a  couple of
  floorboards and found  a large (four  feet  in  diameter)  cast  iron
  sphere from which protruded pieces of broken pipe.   The  sphere  was
  estimated to weigh  6,625  pounds  and  have  a  bursting strength of
  28,000 pounds per square inch.
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